Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you organise any of your programmes as an implant programme for my organisation?

Yes, we can if you have a minimum number of ten (10) employees to make a class size.

Are you able to deploy virtual programmes or you only do classroom trainings?

We can deploy both virtual/online and physical trainings depending on your preference

Are you able to deploy your classroom trainings outside your primary location which is Lagos?

We can run physical trainings in any part of the world based on mutual agreement.

Are your training rooms available for booking on weekends?

Yes, our training rooms are available for booking on weekends.

Do you organise coaching and mentoring session for individuals, or you focus mainly on executive coaching and group coaching?

Our affiliate company PCM Business Academy handles all form of coaching from Peer-to-Peer coaching to executive coaching etc.

How long does it to take to get feedback from your organisation after attending interviews with you?

We ensure we send feedback mail to candidates at most three (3) working days after attending interviews with us.

Do you organise strategy retreat sessions for clients?

Yes, we do, and we also organise team bonding sessions as well.

How do I get a quote from you?

Kindly reach out to us via the email or via any of the numbers displayed on our website.

How do you measure the effectiveness of your services?

We use a variety of metrics and analytics to measure the impact of our services and we ensure we provide regular reports and updates to our clients

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